Spark Your Passion This Summer!

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TL;DR: In order to come back in September feeling excited and happy to return, we need to take time off. There are 10 ways we can spark our passion in the summer: make time for yourself, rethink curriculum, do some planning, learn, be yourself, revisit your why, know you are human, lead and mentor others, build excitement, and maintain trusting … Read More

Beat Overwhelm with a Goal Setting System That Works

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TL;DR: The 4 Disciplines of Execution (4DX) is a goal-setting framework based on four critical components of execution: focus, leverage, engagement, and accountability. Focus and decide on only one or two goals that are most important to your success. Measure your success using a lead measure (predictive, proactive, and push you closer to your goal) rather than a lag measure … Read More

You Can’t Be Prepared for This

Jeff GargasBlog, Self Care Better, Survival

TL;DR: Go into this school year knowing you can’t be prepared for every possible scenario. Plan to change your plan, and prepare to be unprepared. Now is the time to take risks and try new things—even if you fail. You learn and grow from every failure and put yourself in a position to succeed the next time. Hey, how’s your … Read More

Waiting to Have “Those Conversations” Is Hurting Students

Rae HughartBlog, Lesson Plan Better, Personalize Student Learning Better

In This Post The importance of conversations about our students’ futures. Helping our classrooms become avenues for discovering passion & practical uses for it! Using your content to help students find their futures. Growing up, learning was a struggle. I moved throughout my day feeling as if I was walking through a fog of confusion. While most of my classes … Read More