Give Generously & Equitably to Be Inclusive!

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TL;DR: Consider the importance of giving to make a difference. Reflect on where you would like to help out to make the greatest impact by giving. Some individuals do not make New Year’s Resolutions. I’m one of those people who LOVE them! I look forward to timelines and smart goals and making those resolutions matter! I say make your resolutions … Read More

Online Teaching to Level the Educational Playing Field

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TL;DR: Explore teaching online to level educational playing fields to benefit students, educators and parents. Consider making your own website or classroom site so that there is a transparent home-school connection when you are teaching. We teach students that belong to parents and build connections online with the community you teach; it is our next generation. It’s that moment in … Read More

Lessons from the Faculty of Education

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TL;DR: Knowing yourself as a teacher is an important consideration. The importance of knowing you will face or witness racism is a consideration. Teamwork opportunities and reflection afterward are other important considerations. Equity and Inclusion Reflection Questions Do you know yourself really well as an educator? What kind of institutional racism have you witnessed in education? How have you set … Read More

Age is really just a NUMBER!

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TL;DR: Ageism is a valuable topic to reflect on and discuss. There are collaborative strategies you can use to increase student engagement in discussions. As the year goes by, we think of our age as an accomplishment, a number that made meaningful moments matter and time really does fly by. What is important to consider is how age contributes to … Read More

Let’s Talk about Religion as an ism!

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TL;DR: Individuals all have their own religious or faith-based practices they bring into the classroom. Take the time to learn about all the different beliefs and holidays. Reevaluate the options you are giving to students and staff. Make everyone feel welcome. I was taught by my father, my Thathi who said never ever to discuss this topic since it’s political. … Read More