Classroom Climate Toolbox

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TL;DR: Consider the importance of establishing a classroom climate that is warm. This post shares lesson ideas you can try to establish and incorporate into your own routines. It is important to consider student voice when building climate. To make climate a first priority in teaching, there are 3 items to include in your teacher toolbox. (1) Build empathetic relationships. … Read More

Education Considerations on Cultural Appropriation

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TL;DR: Have you considered how you make your impact on society by teaching something you’re passionate about? Dive deeper into understanding cultural appropriation versus appreciation. What are some teachable moments in life you can embrace to make a difference? Ah, fashion. This is the thing I’m most passionate about! It is always more than just fashion when it comes to … Read More

The Movement of Feminism with Supportive Allies

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TL;DR: The feminist movement is one of equal rights. Equity is the way you achieve it. Consider the importance of supporting International Women’s Day events to make a difference. Understanding bias and implicit bias by teaching it directly in our classrooms is key to making the women’s rights movement count! Equity and Inclusion Reflection Questions Why does the women’s rights … Read More

Give Generously & Equitably to Be Inclusive!

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TL;DR: Consider the importance of giving to make a difference. Reflect on where you would like to help out to make the greatest impact by giving. Some individuals do not make New Year’s Resolutions. I’m one of those people who LOVE them! I look forward to timelines and smart goals and making those resolutions matter! I say make your resolutions … Read More

Online Teaching to Level the Educational Playing Field

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TL;DR: Explore teaching online to level educational playing fields to benefit students, educators and parents. Consider making your own website or classroom site so that there is a transparent home-school connection when you are teaching. We teach students that belong to parents and build connections online with the community you teach; it is our next generation. It’s that moment in … Read More