The Mindset Roller Coaster

Jami Fowler-WhiteBlog, Manage Better, Reflect Better, Teach Happier

TL;DR: Education this year is like a roller coaster; keep your mindset grounded. Take charge of your mindset. Level your emotions. Change the narrative. At the end of each day, take time to write down three things that went well, two things that you want to improve on the next day, and one thing you will celebrate with students. The … Read More

Exploring Your Emotions as an Educator

Lindsay TitusBlog, Engage Better, Self Care Better, Teach Happier

TL;DR: Are you aware of the emotions present within your classroom environment? Educators are taught to focus on action rather than on feeling the emotions below the surface. The core emotions are fear, anger, sadness, shame, jealousy, disgust, happiness, and love. Identify and unpack emotions so you can take care of yourself. Instead of putting “I am” before a feeling … Read More

Behind the Masks

Becky ThalBlog, Connect Better, Engage Better

TL;DR: We are not getting the full picture when we see our students with masks on. Take time to get to know your students and who they are behind the masks. Check-in with your students not just on an academic level, but on a social-emotional one as well. I consider myself lucky that I’ve been able to be in-person with … Read More

4 Ways To Rebuild Your Students’ Emotional Health

Monica Gupta MehtaBlog, Connect Better, Self Care Better

TL;DR: Rebuild your students’ emotional health by modeling behaviors, understanding emotions, addressing social skills, and sharing strategies for emotional regulation. Checking in with students and incorporating passion projects, mindful moments, and dialogue journals into your classroom are just some of the other strategies shared to address your students’ emotional health. We are experiencing the hardest year of teaching in modern … Read More