Reaching the True Purpose of Education

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TL;DR: It’s time to reach the true purpose of education. There are many challenges our society is currently facing, and COVID is an added complication. The solution starts with kindness, empathy, and collaboration. Moving towards a more collaborative world can help us reach our highest achievement as humans. Reaching the True Purpose of Education: The Problem Let’s face it. The … Read More

Growth is a Lifelong Endeavor

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TL;DR: Teachers don’t just give children the tools they need to succeed in life. They give them the tools they need for lifelong GROWTH. Stagnation is not an option and growth is a lifelong endeavor.  This post shares what Education Blueprint means to Laura. I am not a teacher. I don’t have a teaching degree. And I haven’t spent a … Read More

The Giving Tree

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TL;DR: We can learn about giving from Shel Silverstein’s children’s book, “The Giving Tree.” Recognize that you have gifts and tools that will make others happy when you share them. “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein has long been a cherished book of mine. I remember when I first received the book as a gift when I was seven years … Read More

The Power of Reinvention

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TL;DR: The story of the blogger’s dad is shared to demonstrate the power of reinventing oneself. Growth is the heart of reinvention and we won’t fulfill our fullest potential without it. Teach students skills so that each individual can invent and continuously reinvent themselves. The Power of Reinvention: The Story of My Dad My father is one of the most … Read More

The Value of Sharing

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TL;DR: There is so much value in sharing that we can benefit from as educators. When we work together, we can be beacons of change to the educational system.   From our earliest years, we have been taught the value of sharing. Our parents and our teachers have guided us on how to share with one another.  For many of us, … Read More