Show 84: Facilitating Effective and Valuable Student Discussions

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We had the pleasure of speaking with the 2022 Tennessee Teacher of the Year Morgan Rankin. She offers honest insight and reflects on her own upcoming transition from third grade to second grade. She creates an atmosphere where students feel empowered and encouraged to participate in valuable and effective conversations.  Her strategies for encouraging student voice are easy to follow … Read More

Bringing Tough Topics into the Classroom

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TL;DR: Bringing tough topics into the classroom is necessary for our students. Strategies for bringing tough topics in your classroom. I want to start by saying this: I am not the expert on tough topics in the classroom. But I have listened to many experts, those voices who have done the work, and found ways to grow myself. I bring … Read More

Strategies to Increase Critical Thinking Skills in students

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In This Post: The importance of helping students increase critical thinking skills. Ways to promote the essential skills needed to analyze and evaluate. Strategies to incorporate critical thinking into your instruction. We ask our teachers to be “future-ready” or say that we are teaching “for jobs that don’t exist yet.” These are powerful statements. At the same time, they give … Read More

It’s About Why, Not What – Getting Beyond the Facts and into the Meaning Behind the Learning

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In this post: What really matters in learning – and why we so often miss it Please, don’t use the butterfly method or impose death-by-grammar-worksheets How to move from “What” to “Why” 3 ways you can make the shift right now Picture this – you are sitting in your next staff meeting and the district has brought in someone to … Read More