4 Ways to Nurture Your Teacher-Student Relationships

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TL;DR: Recognition Matters: To ensure students feel valued, learn and use their names correctly from day one. Names are an important part of their identity. Warm Welcomes: Greet students at the door with personalized gestures, like high fives or hugs, setting a positive tone and reinforcing that they are loved. Encourage Expression: Create opportunities for students to share their voices … Read More

Connecting While Walking and Working

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TL;DR: The WALK acronym (Wonder, Assist, Learn, Kindness) provides guidance for enhancing connections while walking and working, particularly for educators. Connecting while walking and working creates opportunities for visibility, accessibility, recognition, and two-way communication, fostering positive interactions and learning experiences. Planning what to read or work on, being aware of how to walk courteously, and considering the use of tools … Read More

Connection Over Compliance

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TL;DR: Student engagement goes beyond compliance and involves attention, curiosity, interest, optimism, and passion for learning. Authentic engagement requires establishing connections with students to create a safe and supportive learning environment. Strategies for fostering connection in the classroom include showing genuine interest in students, providing choice and voice, conducting morning meetings, being intentional in planning, incorporating real-life connections to content, … Read More

Keeping Engagement High Through the End of the Year

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TL;DR: There are natural energy surges in the classroom. Learning to work with them keeps your classroom engaged, not chaotic. Lessons that are grounded in the real world, relevant to students’ interests or aspirations, and raise the rigor and expectations of students provide a naturally more engaging stage for students to learn. Teachers can use AI to help identify real-world … Read More

A Culture of Connection Blog Series

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A Culture of Connection Blog Series As administrators and educators, we have a responsibility to prioritize connections over compliance with staff and students. In March, Teach Better Team’s Admin Mastermind¬†focused discussions around this topic. Check out the blog posts in this series to learn about strategies to maintain a positive culture in your school and emphasize connections over compliance! And … Read More