Classroom Management Is Not Just About Rules

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TL;DR: Classroom management is not just about rules. Make students feel valued and successful as individuals in your class. Teach responsibility through natural situations that arise in your classroom. Model clear communication in your feedback to students. Effective Classroom Management We have always heard the phrase “effective classroom management” either from colleagues or administrators, but what does that entail? Classroom … Read More

26. Renew Your Class Culture with Donnetta Norris

Michele Schmidt MooreDesign Lessons Podcast

Hey Designers, How are you renewing the culture of your classroom?  Today we get to talk to Donnetta Norris, a second grade teacher in Texas who shares how she is navigating this year with her second graders.  After hearing Donnetta share her story and the strategies she uses, you will get some ideas for how to create a safe and … Read More

5 Tools to Improve Transitions

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TL;DR: Improve transitions by understanding they are a series of steps linked together, watching the warnings, teaching students how to transition, highlighting moments of success, and using visuals. Remember that not all transitions are created equal. Break down barriers and personalize the techniques to fit the needs of your individual students. Improve transitions: Not all transitions are created equal. When … Read More

Reducing Power Struggles in the Classroom

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TL;DR: Prevent power struggles by building relationships, providing choices, beginning with a purpose, checking in with students, and being willing to negotiate. If you find yourself entering a power struggle, take a step back, defer the conversation until a time when there isn’t an audience, and walk away. If a power struggle does occur, apologize first, then continue to strengthen … Read More

Simple Ways To Foster Relationships

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TL;DR: Surveying students and the 2×10 strategy are two ways to strengthen relationships with your students. Initiating meaningful conversations with others to foster classroom community. When I first interviewed for teaching positions, I was never asked a single question about how I build classroom community.  I was asked about my philosophy around classroom management (firm, consistent, and fair), and how … Read More