Encourage Good Educators

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TL;DR: Making a decision on your next steps after graduating high school can be challenging. Many people are discouraging individuals to go into teaching. Teaching is a great career that needs energetic, passionate people with a desire for lifelong learning. Every career has pros and cons. You need to decide what is best for you. Senior year! What an exciting, … Read More

Looking Back on 20 Years in K-12 Education

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TL;DR: Read a reflection on some pieces of Dana’s journey in K-12 education. There are many people to thank over the course of 20 years. This week, in early August, I recall it being exactly 20 years since I first came to Colorado and began my journey in K-12 education. World Traveller Context I lived in Quebec City, Canada for … Read More

Finding Your “Phase of Life” to Open Doors

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TL;DR: We are continually going through phases in our life both professionally and personally. Dream big about what you want both personally and professionally. Whatever phase you’re in, be your best self! Phases of Life I feel as though humans are continually entering into and out of “phases of life.” Some phases last weeks while others last years. As we … Read More

A Heart in the Write Place | Episode 28 with Dennis Mathew

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The multi-talented Dennis Mathew is a husband, father, elementary school speech pathologist, singer-songwriter and author, from Mustang, Oklahoma, U.S.A. Dennis has worked with students in schools and through non-profit work for over 20 years. In 2018, he launched his authorship with Bello the Cello, followed by My Wild First Day of School and How Grizzly Found Gratitude. He is also … Read More

A Special Person

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TL;DR: Everyone is special for following their dreams, pursuing their passions, and showing up daily to ensure that we are bettering the lives we serve. Consider the weight of complimenting a special education teacher by stating that they are┬áspecial people for doing what they do. I think we can all agree that the people who walk the halls each day … Read More