Reinventing Culture

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TL;DR: Dr. Courtney Plotts is the guest speaker on The Good News, Brad News Podcast. Right now is the time to reflect on our practices as we continue to survive through this pandemic. How could you restructure your teaching to be more inclusive? Make sure all of your students’ needs are being met and take action if they aren’t. Take … Read More

Delighting in Inclusion

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TL;DR: Melinda Arnost is an educator, author/illustrator, and inclusion specialist. She was recently a guest on the Good News, Brad News Podcast. Her advocacy for inclusion started in high school inviting other students to join their Breakfast Club. As a teacher, Melinda trusted her gut and started teaching outside of the box in order to meet the needs of students. … Read More

Tiny Teachers: Roots of Empathy

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TL;DR: Love builds brains and bridges, as well as grows emotional literacy. This post is the first of a new blog series – Better News. The post features @RootsofEmpathy! Roots of Empathy (ROE) is a classroom-focused social and emotional literacy program. It leverages the influence of local families and their babies. Children also have an immeasurable influence in the lives … Read More