How Do You Differentiate Up?

Todd StanleyBlog, Differentiate Better, Engage Better, Lesson Plan Better, Reflect Better

TL;DR: When you differentiate, what are you doing for students who need more of a challenge? You must differentiate up as well. When we hear the term differentiate, we often think this means differentiating to support kids who are struggling. It might mean taking a complex task and chunking it into more easy-to-digest pieces. It could be scaffolding a lesson … Read More

Teacher Authenticity: Be You, Not Them

Justin ComegysBlog, Connect Better, Engage Better, Lesson Plan Better, Manage Better

TL;DR: Be authentic in the classroom. Make connections with children through purposeful activities such as games. Develop classroom norms together and review them often. Take time daily to self-reflect and make a plan for the next day. Justin joined Rae on the Daily Drop In to chat about teacher authenticity. Click here to watch! Be Authentic We often hear about … Read More

Be You

Jason LimBlog, Connect Better, Engage Better

TL;DR: Listening to Hamish Brewer or Monica Genta at a conference is inspirational. Be authentic in your relationships with others, especially students, because they will be able to tell when you are not. Demonstrate to students that you care. Recently, I attended a conference where I had the opportunity to observe two amazing presenters, Hamish Brewer and Monica Genta.  Let … Read More

Leveraging Self with Charlyn Stanberry

Deb SoholtBlog, Influential She Podcast

This episode features the High Leverage Practice of Self with Charlyn Stanberry.  Raised by four generations of influential women, at an early age Char developed confidence in truly being her authentic self.  And yet, as she shares, being true to yourself is not always an easy path when “many times it means going against the grain and making unpopular decisions.”  … Read More

Social Media Network Series

Kari PitstickBlog, Connect Better, Tech Better

Social Media Network Series Overview In the Social Media Network Blog Series, you’ll learn simple tips and tricks to ensure you are sharing the right message with your network. You will learn ways to grow your network and make connections with others in the world of education! Make sure to check out the course in the Teach Better Academy to … Read More