Ep. 82 – Loosening the Reigns on Teaching with Dr. Tim Dasey

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Dr. Tim Dasey knows how to push educational buttons, and let me be clear, this is a good thing!

I found this out as I recorded this episode and listened to Tim’s theories on how schools need to evolve. These theories come from a 30 year career in AI development at MIT. Now compelled to ‘rattle the cage” and “poke the bear”, Tim is attempting to nudge educators into what I would call “hard but essential” conversations about what we’re teaching and how it needs to evolve.

In his book Wisdom Factories, Tim says that AI in the classroom isn’t going to be the biggest challenge—it will be preparing students for an AI work world.

Wisdom Factories asks “What if the fundamentals of schooling don’t fit the AI era?” Tim’s premise is that AI will be the work experts, so humanity has to supply the wisdom. This requires upending a century of educational dogma.

Dr. Dasey reckons with an unavoidable conflict—schools currently spend most of their energy teaching students to do what AI does best. The solution for schools and work is to focus on wisdom skills like critical thinking, creativity, relating, and teaming. These complement AI, not compete with it.

Learning wisdom can only be done well, he says, with a new educational model that’s nearly upside down from the current one—a model that changes the curriculum, teaching, and even the structure of schooling.

In this episode, Tim speaks extensively on experience, play, meta-knowledge, and multidisciplinary curricula as being the new fundamentals to be taught in schools.

Connect with Tim:
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/timdasey
Website: https://www.timdasey.com
Email: daseyconsulting@gmail.com

Buy his book, Wisdom Factories: https://a.co/d/1tdwqcL

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