Ep. 64 – Prepping for a Discussion About Climate Change with Dr. Krys Chutko

Tim StephensonScience 360 Podcast

Dr. Chutko is a professor of Environmental Science at the University of Saskatchewan. He teaches courses in Environmental Systems, Weather and Global Climate Change. And he doesn’t limit himself to the university either, but regularly gets out to the elementary schools to see if he can answer their questions on this difficult and complex topic.

This is a “sciencey” discussion but extremely interesting. We cover lots of topics including evidence of human involvement in climate change by analyzing carbon isotopes, how the planet and the Sun could be a part of the puzzle and some of the social and economic fallout that comes with switching from fossil fuels.

There is a lot here that can really help any teacher who needs some scientific support in bringing the lessons of climate change to their classes. By listening to this conversation (and maybe taking notes!), any teacher could go into their class feeling ready to lead a rich and meaningful AND relevant discussion.

These discussions are essential to bringing about solutions to the global challenges we have as we transition from an older energy source to a new and cleaner one. This can be done, but education is key. So let’s get informed, let’s do our best to connect the lessons to something of great significance and let’s shape the future by staying up to date and involved.

Connect with Dr. Chutko: krys.chutko@usask.ca

I believe that equipping yourself with the science of climate change and understanding the evidence associated is a modern day obligation of teachers. Allow this discussion to help with that #tbpodcaster Click To Tweet


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