Ep. 83 – Seaforestation and Ocean Conservation with Scott Bohachyk

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Scott is committed to advancing nature-based solutions that benefit people and the planet.

His current work and experience have resulted in an inspiring and dynamic network that seeks solutions to the complex environmental challenges of our times. He works closely with various levels of government, industry, universities and non-profits to coordinate and amplify these efforts. In concert with a talented team at Ocean Wise, he designs, scales and optimizes solutions that have concrete benefits to people and the planet.

Scott was selected as the North American civil society representative for the third and fourth United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA), in Nairobi, Kenya. He also recently completed his Executive MBA at the Smith School of Business at Queen’s University in early 2020.

He is fortunate to have worked and lived across Canada and internationally over the last decade. This has given Scott the unique opportunity to contribute to and lead an incredible variety of teams with different values, worldviews, and skill sets.

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