Ep. 75 – Prepping Students for Med School (and life) with Dr. Sanjay Sharma

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Sanjay Sharma MD (Harvard University), MSc, FRCS, MBA is a retinal specialist who is a professor of ophthalmology at Queen’s University.He is an internationally renowned eye surgeon, and has treated over 250,000 patients. Dr. Sharma is a clinician-scientist who has published over 300 scientific papers which have been cited over 10,000 time. He’s the author of 3 textbooks, and I’m now proud to host him on Science 360!

An innovator at heart, he has launched a series of digital platforms, including MEDSKL – a leading medical education platform that now reaches medical students from over 400 universities.

Dr. Sharma and I have very similar philosophies of education, which is always fascinating, especially when we hold vastly different roles on opposite sides of the country. Except when you really stop to notice, although people are hailing from different backgrounds, at the heart, our differences diminish. And our aim to assist young people in finding success in their aspirations is one and the same.

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