Ep. 53 – Imagining Education with Grade 12 Student Callum Neily

Tim StephensonScience 360 Podcast

In this episode, I discuss the highs and the lows, the pros and the cons, the areas for growth for schools with my guest, Callum Neily. Callum is a grade 12 student in my school and if you listen long enough, you will hear that he is an asset to our building. Likely he could be an asset in any building.

Once we establish our conversation and theme, we really get to thinking about what school could be like. We realize that every aspect of society is changing at light speed, but schools are lagging behind. We decide that there may be legitimate reasons for that, but those shouldn’t stop us from being agents of change.

We also see that schools have changed during the pandemic, but it’s the rate of change compared to other aspects of society that is most noticeable. I hope this episode challenges the way we “do” school. Thanks Callum for being part of the driving force towards a better education for all of us.

Find Callum on his YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk_vcsTMb97FRDgaiUGJllg/featured

And check out his latest venture to connect like-minded youth: https://wecoapp.org/Home
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