Get your hands dirty. Engage in the mess. Find solutions.

Brian MillerSchurtz and Ties Podcast

“People without dirty hands are wrong. Doing something makes you right.”
In this episode, Brian and Kasey dive into the fears and realities of diving into the lives of the people around us, they acknowledge the difficulties and fears of doing so, and wrestle with real solutions that provide us with real outcomes.
“Find the beauty in others. If all you see is the ugly, you’re not looking close enough.”

– ⁠Farsighted by Steven Johnson⁠
– ⁠Paul Laurance Dunbar⁠
– ⁠Trea Turner story⁠

Why do we fear getting our hands dirty:
Because we get dirty. And we don’t like that.
Because we, truly, don’t care that much. And that is sad, but also okay. I think.
Because we don’t have time – better to buy from the local store/install program/sweeping consequences

Don’t Take it Personal : Make it Personal.
Don’t bring the dirt home – don’t get everyone else dirty!
Anticipate the Unexpected
Find the Beauty; Force the beauty


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