“A cat won’t follow a lemming off a cliff” and other educational sayings that don’t exist.

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To celebrate 50 episodes, we check in and acknowledge the highs and lows of the school year, reflect on what we’ve learned, and try our best to sound smarter than we are.

Educational sayings that don’t exist, but could:

If you only top off your coffee with creamer, eventually all you have is a cup of creamer and no coffee.

Even God needed a New Testament Click To Tweet

You can’t find a light switch in the dark without banging your shin. Click To Tweet

Time also puts out fires Click To Tweet

You can’t teeter-totter alone.

Even idiots by baseball tickets

Are we shoveling snow in July?

A cat won’t follow a lemming off a cliff.

Don’t sharpen pencils when the printer is out of ink.



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