Why I Love Being A Teach Better Ambassador

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  • Read Mark’s personal account of what inspired him to apply to be a Teach Better Ambassador.
  • Applying and becoming an ambassador has been a game changer.
  • The power of ambassadorship is explained: (1) feeling of belonging to a family (2) pursuit of excellence alongside colleagues leads to accountability to grow (3) inspired by fellow ambassadors to live with passion and on purpose (4) as an ambassador, you just become BETTER.

“I am a Teach Better Ambassador! I am a Teach Better Ambassador!” These words kept repeating over and over again after reading the email confirming that I had been one of the lucky to be selected as a “founding” ambassador. A few weeks earlier, I had frantically tried submitting a video explaining why I wanted to be an ambassador from the Smoky Mountains while vacationing with the family. I was so scared that they might not have even received my submission because of WiFi issues that high up in the mountains.

What Inspired Me

My desire to be an ambassador stemmed from my introduction to the Teach Better team via their podcast, attending the amazing Teach Better 2019 Conference, and then jumping in head first to the Teach Better Academy. As I became more and more familiar with the Grid Method, and with the movers and shakers of Teach Better (Jeff, Chad, Rae, and eventually Dave), I fell more and more in love with the TB mindset. Applying to be an ambassador seemed to be the natural next step.

Let me tell you, this decision to apply was a game changer for me. I had no idea that the frantic submission way up in the highest of altitudes would turn out to be the single, greatest decision in my career as an educator. Let me explain why. 

I am truly BETTER today than I was then, and I know, because of this ambassadorship, I will be in a constant pursuit of BETTER the rest of my life. Click To Tweet

The Power of Ambassadorship


Within moments of becoming an ambassador, I became part of a family of fellow educators who believe in the power of our calling like I do. My fellow ambassadors are equally passionate about building relationships with their students, pursuing a path of lifelong learning, and embracing each and every moment we have with our students. The ambassador family is just that…FAMILY.


In all areas of one’s life, accountability is key to personal and professional growth. Being a Teach Better Ambassador is in and of itself a form of accountability. Knowing that my family of ambassadors from all around the world are in a constant pursuit of excellence with a desire to be the best for their students challenges me to be equally committed to our cause. Ambassadorship is the ultimate form of ACCOUNTABILITY.

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Passion and purpose are key components to any person’s life who desires to become the best version of themselves. As an ambassador, I have been surrounded by fellow educators who are driven and on a mission. There is no questioning of their calling or profession. These ambassadors know and embrace their WHY. Every conversation via Zoom, text, Voxer, or email leaves me inspired to live life with PASSION and on PURPOSE.


Lastly, being an ambassador has simply made me “better.” The Teach Better family has exposed me to podcasts and brain breaks that have challenged and stretched me. I have been to their conference that drastically changed my philosophy on education. I have taken online classes through the Teach Better Academy that have spurred me on to become a better teacher and instructor. And I have become a part of a fraternity of teachers and educators who have simply made me “better.” The Teach Better slogan sums it up best: “BETTER today than yesterday, BETTER tomorrow than today.”


It wouldn’t have taken much to interrupt that signal that warm spring day in the mountains of Tennessee. A few more clouds, maybe a few more steps to a higher altitude and the submission may have never happened. As fate—or what I consider to be divine intervention—would have it, the video went through, the selection was made, and my life has never been the same. I am truly BETTER today than I was then. I know because of this ambassadorship, I will be in a constant pursuit of BETTER the rest of my life.

“Being a part of TB, especially as an ambassador, truly feels like an all-inclusive family. This has been a community full of opportunities for fellowship, learning, growing, and leaning in on the support + encouragement from each other. This past year as an ambassador has given me courage, strength, affirmation, and a boldness I’ve never known before. I’ve become more confident in myself and using my voice to help elevate and celebrate others. Love you all so much.”

About Mark Horner

Mark Horner is a proud husband and father. He has been married to his college sweetheart, Jennifer for over 20 years. They have two children: Kelsie, current aspiring teacher at Kent State University and a son, Noah, a student at Tallmadge High School, Tallmadge, Ohio. Mark received his undergraduate degree from the University of Akron, and his Master’s in K-12 Leadership from Kent State University.

He’s spent his entire teaching career within Tallmadge City Schools. He student taught at the MS, and then stayed on for 5 years as an 8th grade American History teacher. He was then moved to the HS where he has been teaching US History and Psychology for a lot of years! When not in the classroom you can either find him on a basketball court coaching basketball, at Crimson Cup drinking coffee and reading a good book, or walking his Golden Retriever, Teddy, (yep, named after President #26) around town.

Mark is an aspiring blogger and podcaster. You can check out his writing at https://horner.school.blog/ and his podcast, #Between2BlueDevils, at https://anchor.fm/mark-horner, or on any other podcasting platform.