Plan to Connect: 7 Tech Tips

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  • In the first blog post in this series, you learned to plan with intent. Now it is time to plan to connect!
  • 7 tech tips to plan to connect: (1) Consider exploring a new or unfamiliar social media platform. (2) Open yourself to posting a way you plan with intent. (3) Notice who interacts with your posts. (4) Navigate and find other educators’ posts. (5) Empower yourself by trying new ideas. (6) Celebrate your new connections and learning. (7) Take time to reflect on the impact of planning to CONNECT.

Plan to Connect: 7 Tech Tips

In my first Tech Better blog post, I introduced you to the INTENT framework for integrating technology into your classroom. I was so excited to share this simple, yet effective way to add technology intentionally into your lessons to amplify student learning. To “tech better,” yes, we need to plan with intent, but this practice should not happen in isolation.

In my book, TRANSFORM- Techy Notes to Make Learning Sticky, I share my story of going from teaching behind closed doors to becoming a connected educator. Becoming a connected educator is an essential practice as we “tech better.” Each month, it is my goal to share practices with you that help you “tech better.” But reading these blog posts should be just the beginning of this journey…

Now let’s plan to CONNECT.

Last month, you began by planning with INTENT. You looked at your learning goals and purposely found how technology could amplify student learning.

Did you miss this first blog post? Check it out here: Introducing Tech Better.

Now we are going to take this practice to the next level and plan to CONNECT!

As we discussed last month, we can and should not do this work alone. We all have the same goal and we need to work together to accomplish it.  As Jeff Gargas reminded me one week during our edupreneur mastermind meeting, there really aren’t any “new” ideas, just people remixing ideas and then sharing them in a new way.

Therefore, it is indeed our spin on things that makes them unique and different.  We can learn so much from others—their spin on something can help us think about things in a new way that broadens our horizons. Sometimes, we end up only hearing the same voices over and over again and miss that. So let’s plan to CONNECT this fall!

Here are 7 tech tips to plan to connect!

Tech Tip #1: Consider exploring a new or unfamiliar social media platform.

What is your preferred social media platform? Do you use one professionally yet? I have to be honest, I am a Twitter girl. I love using Twitter to connect with other educators. But when it comes to other social media platforms like Instagram, I am definitely more of a newbie. Not sure where to start? Check out the Teach Better course: Using Social Media to Grow Your Network.  This month, I am committing myself to up my Instagram game. What platform will you explore to learn from?

Tech Tip #2: Open yourself to posting a way you plan with intent with #TBTechBetter.

Once you find the social media platform you plan to explore, just start using it.  Often, we let our own fear paralyze us and prevent us from starting. Instead, I would love it if you would share how you are planning with INTENT. Throughout this month, I plan to post using that hashtag as well on Instagram. If you’re not following me yet, I’m TannenbaumTech!

Tech Tip #3: Notice who interacts with your #TBTechBetter posts.

After you post, next check and see who interacts with your post.  Discover what comments surface. Who knows? Maybe you will make a new connection. Definitely share that out as well.

Tech Tip #4: Navigate and find other educators’ posts using #TBTechBetter.

After you post, check and see who else uses that hashtag. See what you can learn from searching that hashtag. Maybe you will discover a brand new idea, or find an amazing connection. Anything is possible, right?

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Tech Tip #5: Empower yourself by trying #TBTechBetter ideas.

Consider trying some of the new ideas you found using the hashtag. See how you can learn and grow from others’ ideas. Don’t be afraid to try something new.

Tech Tip #6: Celebrate your new connections and learning.

This is so important. No matter how your lessons go, celebrate trying something new and innovative to reach your students. Celebrate your new learning and especially your new connections!

Tech Tip #7: Take time to reflect on the impact of planning to CONNECT.

Yes, I am a huge reflection fan. Take some time to reflect on the impact of planning with INTENT and to CONNECT.  First, consider how the technology added impacted student learning. Don’t stop there! Continue the planning to CONNECT cycle another round and “tech better” every day. 

Let’s share the #TBTechBetter Love

As I said in August, I look forward to adding tips and strategies each month that will help you along this journey. This is not work we can do alone—this is work that we need to engage in together. So let’s commit to this journey! Let’s “Tech Better” and plan with INTENT and to CONNECT! 

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Debbie Tannenbaum is an Elementary School Technology Specialist in Fairfax County, VA. An educator with over twenty years of experience, Mrs. Tannenbaum is completing her second year in this role, where she supports both staff and students to integrate technology tools into instruction through both co-teaching sessions and weekly technology classes. Mrs. Tannenbaum is also an avid blogger and shares her thoughts and reflections on her website: Techy Notes. You can also find her on Twitter and Instagram at @TannenbaumTech.