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In this episode, we consider a simple shift in thought that can help us move through challenging days or seasons.   MORE EPISODES

What IS?

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TL;DR: We can change our mindset from thinking “What if” with worry to consider “Even if” instead. Instead of “What if”, consider “What is”. What do you know? What are the facts? The small change in words can make an impact on your ability to cope and your wellness. And just like that, it’s September. Some of us are already … Read More

What IS

Suzanne DaileyTeach Happier Podcast

 In this episode, we learn to recognize when we are worrying about things out of our control. We can make a small shift in thought to help us move from “What If” to “EVEN if” to “WHAT IS”. MORE EPISODES

Let’s Recombobulate

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TL;DR: Recombobulate is an amazing word that means to cause to think again or reorient. Let’s get in the right mindset for the school year. Each day, say the entire date aloud. It reminds you that today is not only temporary but a fresh start and a new opportunity. Reclaim quiet pockets of time at the very beginning and end … Read More

Savoring the Saturday of Summer

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TL;DR: Slow down to acknowledge and appreciate the good things. Make sure to savor the good things this summer. Savoring the Saturday of Summer It’s July. As my dear friend Corinne would say, it’s the Saturday of summer. If anybody asks us how we’re doing, we are nothing short of elated. Yet, we may also admit we are still recovering … Read More