The District Snapshot: Understanding The Importance Of Stepping Back To Look At Yourself In The Mirror

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Welcome to “Ask the Tech Coach,” a podcast for Instructional Coaches and Technology Integration Specialists.

In this episode of “Ask the Tech Coach,” Jeff and Susan discuss creating a district snapshot and why this is a place to start as you begin to make long-range plans for where your district is heading.

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Creating A District Snapshot

  • Creating a roadmap for your district employees to follow over the coming years has to begin by deciding who you are at the beginning before you proceed to where you want to be.
    • Think Before Picture & After Picture beginning with the before and your District Snapshot
  • What is a District Snapshot?
    • Document, report, graphic to showcase where a district is at any given time
    • Simple or more complicated as you desire or dependent on the information requested
  • How Does A District Snapshot Work?
    • Self-Assessment tool for looking and analyzing data based on specific criteria
    • Data collected from various stakeholders
    • Clear and easy to understand by all stakeholders
  • Creating A Single Focused Question
    • This is the heart of the district snapshot as it is focused on where the district is and wants to go
    • Examples:
      • What is the overall makeup of our school district?
      • How can we properly redistrict our students due to the increase of low-income housing?
      • How do we want to effectively distribute next year’s budget funds across all our school buildings to meet the needs of our Title I students?
    • Formulating Your Instructional Technology Focus Question
      • Create a broad overview of how technology is used (hardware/software) to support students.
      • Examples:
        • In what areas of my school district is Instructional Technology being used effectively?
        • In what areas of my school district is Instructional Coaching being seen as Successful?
        • Is there a correlation between the amount of technology (hardware) funding provided to a school building and the amount of professional development provided?
      • Who Should the questions be addressed to?
        • Normal coach/teacher interactions; coach/admin interactions
        • Central Office staff
        • Non-school personnel
        • Students
        • Parents
      • How Can Your District Snapshot Support Instructional Coaching?
      • What is Beyond the District Snapshot?

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