Are You Thinking Of Instructional Coaching … As A Leader?

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Are You Thinking Of Instructional Coaching … As A Leader?

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Weekly Topic

  • Being a true educational leader versus staying in your lane as an instructional coach
  • Where all coaching roles overlap and importance of finding others who have a role similar to you
  • Where to lean if you do not have coaching support and how to recognize a community over a group.
  • Actions that make a coach a true leader

About our Guest: Jaime Vandergrift

Jaime is a middle School Instructional Coach who works to collaborate & support others in strong teaching & learning practices. Her investment is in supporting other instructional coaches & educational leaders as we juggle it all. She is also the admin of Instructional Coaching for the Secondary Level on Facebook: connecting middle/high/upper school coaches for the betterment of 6th -12th students future. Jaime has Eds in Instructional Technology and Media, and is certified in educational leadership. Join Jaime as she talks instructional coaching and educational leadership on her podcast Coaching With Jaime: Instructional Coaching From a Leadership View found soon wherever you enjoy podcasts!

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