How to Ask for Help as a Struggling School Leader with Dr. Martinez EP 233

Tre Gammagethe dash, The Dash Podcast

Welcome to episode 233 of The Dash Podcast, featuring special guest Dr. Efrain Martinez, school principal and podcast host of Wisdom & Productivity.

In this inspiring episode, Dr. Martinez will share his stories, vulnerabilities and tips as a school principal. He’ll talk about his personal journey in school leadership and share stories of how he has successfully navigated the unique challenges of being a school principal.

This episode is perfect for school leaders, teachers and educators looking for insight into becoming a successful school principal. Dr. Martinez’s inspiring stories and tips will give you the motivation to lead with confidence and take your school to the next level.

Join us as we explore the world of school leadership with Dr. Efrain Martinez. Tune in now to The Dash Podcast Episode 233 and be inspired!

2:00 – Wisdom & Productivity
9:50 – Seeking help as a struggling school leader
15:33 – Adding Value consistently
25:06 – SEL & EQ


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