Strive For Happiness with Robert Dunlop EP 232

Tre Gammagethe dash, The Dash Podcast

Welcome to The Dash podcast! Today, we are discussing the topic of peaks and valleys, and how to strive for happiness with our special guest, Robert Dunlop, author of Strive for Happiness.

We’ll be exploring the various indicators of happiness, and discussing the importance of developing routines that can help us stay on the path of positivity. We’ll also talk about the role of education and social emotional learning in fostering happiness in children and adults.

As educators and school leaders, you know how important it is for students to develop a sense of self-worth, and an understanding of the benefits of positive thinking. This is a great opportunity to hear from an expert in the field, and gain insight into the world of happiness.

Join us for this friendly and informative conversation, and learn how to promote happiness and well-being in our schools, and in our lives.

1:45 – Peaks & Valleys
8:55 – Equipped with skills to be happy
17:23 – Work on your Routines
20:07 – The Best Teachers


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