Time Management 101 Blog Series

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Time Management 101 Series Overview Managing time has always been a relevant topic for educators, but it now seems to be more pertinent than ever before. Each day, we have 24 hours to work with, but as the responsibilities pile up, it can become increasingly difficult to manage. For this reason, it takes time to find a strategy that works … Read More

Batching Educational Productivity

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TL;DR: Batching your tasks can help you to be more productive. This post shares strategies for batching your tasks, such as choosing specific times to engage on email each day, scheduling multiple phone calls in the same sitting, and taking a break to increase productivity later. “Productivity is never an accident.  It is always the result of commitment to excellence, … Read More

Time Management Strategies, Schnekser Style

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TL;DR: Time management strategies include setting due dates a week in advance, knowing your usual schedule, and prioritizing necessary and positive mental health tasks. Becky Schnekser shares a look into her brain and the time management strategies she uses to prioritize her many responsibilities. How do you do it all? One of my best friends, Andrés, often asks me, “How … Read More

The Hustle for Balance

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TL;DR: When there is so much to do every day, it is crucial to find a balance between work and home life. Find a balance between work and home life by letting go of perfectionism, giving yourself a rest, and setting personal boundaries. Recently, it has been widely understood among educator circles that teaching is a highly stressful profession. Teaching … Read More