Reverse the Golden Rule

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TL;DR Reverse the golden rule. Treat yourself how others would like to be treated. Self-compassion increases your levels of happiness, health, and resilience. Golden Rule: Treat Yourself How Others Like to Be Treated Think of one of your closest, dearest friends. Imagine they are in a sad season and going through something challenging. How do you talk to them? How … Read More

Shifting To Satisfaction

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TL;DR: There are two versions of ourselves: our summer selves and our school year selves. We can quickly feel unbalanced when we return to school. There is no such thing as work/life balance because it’s not attainable. Instead, it’s work/life satisfaction. Work/Life Satisfaction Welp. Here we are. Some of us are already in the full swing of teaching, and some of us … Read More

Remember Love This School Year

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TL;DR: Sometimes we struggle and need to put in greater effort in order to feel aligned, content, and balanced. Happiness is a discipline. We may be feeling nervous about returning to school, but remember love this school year. People remember us for the way we love. So as we begin a new school year, we can love our students, colleagues, … Read More