Fail Happier

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In this episode, we consider using Arthur Brooks’ idea of a failure journal to reframe some of the disappointments we’ve experienced in our personal or professional lives. MORE EPISODES

WOOP It Up This Year!

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TL;DR: The post discusses the WOOP goal-setting strategy as a way to transition from a summer state of rest and relaxation to a productive school year. WOOP stands for Wish, Outcome, Obstacle, and Plan. It’s designed to help individuals set and achieve challenging yet feasible goals. The author’s personal example involves planning deliberate rest during the school year to maintain … Read More

Happily Exhausted

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TL;DR: There are different kinds of exhaustion. One can experience “happily exhausted” moments when they feel fulfilled and energized despite being tired. Identifying activities that make us feel happily exhausted, such as spending time with loved ones, pursuing passions, or engaging in meaningful tasks, can help us prioritize our energy and well-being. As we prepare for busy seasons, like the … Read More

What Now?

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TL;DR: Over the summer, it is common for educators to want to relax while avoiding wasting time. Inspired by author Ann Patchett, you can ask two questions: “What Now?” and “What Not Now?” to prioritize activities and commitments. Spending time with loved ones, reading, decluttering, and avoiding excessive social media use are good ways to spend your time. Reflect on … Read More