Calendar Non-Negotiables

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TL;DR: Examining weekly, monthly, and yearly routines for happiness and well-being. Weekly: Carve out time for personal recharge and engage in meaningful activities like church. Yearly: Take a summer Facebook break for mental clarity and prioritize annual gatherings with loved ones for lasting joy. Calendar Non-Negotiables Back in April, we examined a few underwhelming routines I put in place every … Read More

Good Morning. Good Night.

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TL;DR: Morning and evening routines can contribute to your well-being and happiness. In the morning, the routine involves preparing for the day the night before, enjoying alone time in stillness with coffee, exercising, and listening to intellectually or spiritually enriching podcasts. The evening routine includes winding down by indulging in humorous and light-hearted content, minimizing phone usage, expressing gratitude in … Read More

Treat Yourself

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TL;DR: Combat the post-January slump with a focus on well-being. Explore the concept of “healthy treats” from author Gretchen Rubin, promoting self-care without guilt. Recognize that stress is inevitable. Embrace the idea of “healthy treats” as a proactive and positive response. Create a personalized list of comforting activities that energize and bring contentment. Break the routine and enhance happiness by … Read More

Look What Popped Up!

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TL;DR: Use everyday photo memories to connect with loved ones. Share screengrabs with specific memories via text. Recall stories, strengthen ties, and create micro-moments of joy. When we reflect on the past holiday season, many of us may recall beautifully extraordinary gestures that showed others how much they mean to us. As we usher in this first week of a … Read More

How Are Your EGBs?

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TL;DR: December marks basketball season for our family, with our son playing for multiple teams. A lesson in leadership from basketball benches: It’s not just about on-court performance; it’s about Energy Generating Behaviors (EGBs). Examples from UConn and Mizzou show how small actions, like supporting teammates, listening actively, and cheering create impactful leadership, applicable beyond the court—relevant for classrooms and … Read More