Sub Better: Network Better

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TL;DR: Network, network, network! Networking is crucial for substitute teachers to secure opportunities and build a positive professional reputation. Building relationships with teachers, leaving contact information, volunteering for repeat assignments, and utilizing social media are effective networking strategies. Teachers and administrators should value and support reliable substitutes, communicate preferences, and provide feedback to ensure a smooth substitute teaching experience. It … Read More

Sub Better: Set High Expectations for Learning

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TL;DR: Student learning can still take place when the teacher is not there. Hold students accountable for their own learning every day. Providing high-quality materials for teaching and learning is a shared responsibility. Learn tips for teachers and administrators to set high expectations for learning. Set High Expectations for Learning Think back to your elementary school days. Do you remember … Read More

Sub Better: Know Your Limits

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TL;DR: Know what assignments you are comfortable taking. Know what behaviours you find acceptable. Communicate your limits to others. Know Your Limits I got the call early in the morning. The school was in desperate need of a substitute teacher and they wanted to know if I was available. I had not taken any other assignments for that day and … Read More

Asking for Help

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TL;DR: Having clear expectations doesn’t mean you won’t need help. Be willing to ask students, teachers, and leaders for help. Know when to resolve issues on your own and when to reach out for support. Establishing expectations in a classroom is an incredibly important first step in building a community of learners. Whether that community will be together for the … Read More