Student Empowered Conferences

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TL;DR: Students feel empowered as they share their goals, learning, and growth in all different areas of the curriculum. You can include voice and choice in student-led conferences. Being intentional about what you do before, during, and after conferences leads to finding success in the goals for the conferences. A link to resources can be found below for a notice … Read More

Episode #24: Yaritza Villalba

Dana GoodierOut of the Trenches Podcast

Yaritza Villalba has ten years of experience in education. She started her career teaching Social Studies to high school students in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, New York.  Throughout the years she has developed numerous curriculum materials and conducted a variety of professional developments. She is currently a lead teacher of an alternative high school in Bedford Stuyvesant, teaching over -aged and … Read More

Resources for Difficult Conversations with Students

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There is never an easy answer. Never a single answer. No easy way to prepare for the conversations in your classrooms and schools over the next few days. But we are here for you. We are working to curate resources to help, organize opportunities for conversations, and focusing on how we can better support you during these unprecedented times. We … Read More

Partnering with YOUR School Counselor

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TL;DR: An overview of school counselors. Tips to COORDINATE with your school counselor. Are you maximizing YOUR relationship with the school counselor?  Do you utilize the counselor to support students in the best possible ways? Are you accessing this powerful resource on a regular basis?   “We know where the real work of changing kids’ lives happens…it happens on the ground, … Read More

5 Elements We Learned & We Can Not Forget: Remote & Physical Classrooms

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TL;DR: The five elements to take away from the COVID-19 crisis. Ways to come back stronger when we return to our physical classrooms. Let’s clear the air early on – there are WAY more than just 5 things I hope educators have learned during this since the transition from physical classrooms to remote learning. And if you really thought there … Read More