Write Your Book

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TL;DR: Through the writing process, you can reflect on and discover who you are as an educator. It’s time to write your book! Writing can reveal why you teach and what practices draw students in and push them to their passions.  Write Your Book Let me tell you a little story that comes with a caveat. The caveat is you … Read More

You the Person, You the Teacher

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TL;DR: Discover who you are as a person, then discover who you are as a teacher. To determine what kind of teacher you are, first determine what your passion is. Offer up the gift of being likable. And be vulnerable with your students. I’d like to take a moment or two of your time to reflect on some things that … Read More

Small Conversations, Big Impact

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TL;DR: Listen closely to small conversations you have with others. Open yourself up to listen to learn. What may appear to be insignificant conversations can turn out to be golden nuggets of information. As stated in previous blogs, I teach astronomy. Now, what was one of my first teaching moments related to space? Back in the 90s, I was teaching … Read More

Have Time to Say Yes!

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TL;DR: Say yes to students by providing them opportunities to explore their interests outside of the classroom. When you say yes to students exploring their interests, you are providing them time to practice and utilize real-world skills. If you came to me with an idea about something you really want to try or do, learn about, or create, the answer … Read More

Who is YOUR Teacher?

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TL;DR: Teachers need teachers too! It is important to reflect on who YOUR teacher is and how they have shaped and influenced you. Consider all of the different people in your life who have shaped who you are today. Last month I reflected on how teachers can influence students by making our classrooms a place they want to be.  But … Read More