Can You Care Too Much?

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TL;DR: Is teaching tougher because we need to adapt to our new generation of learners? Sometimes “not caring” about small things can lead to more impactful teaching. Focus on the connections and the things that matter! Teaching Is Tough If you’ve read any of my blogs over the last couple of years, then you would have noticed that there is … Read More

Being Intentional About Wellness

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TL;DR: Take on teaching in 2022. Teach what you love. Spend time looking at the stars and wondering about the universe. Get out in the open and surround yourself with green. Be active and take care of yourself. Let’s give some thought to teaching in 2022. It seems that it might be a worthwhile way to spend a bit of time. … Read More

A Unity of Diversity

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TL;DR: #sundaySPARKS is a Twitter space where educators talk about what’s sparking them that week. Spread a tone of unity, support, understanding, and care. Wouldn’t it be amazing if educators from diverse backgrounds could find a beautiful unity in both working together while also celebrating the experiences each comes to the table with? #sundaySPARKS I was involved in #sundaySPARKS, hosted … Read More

The Best Gift Is You

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TL;DR: This post shares a yearly tradition to write a poem for staff and students on the last day of the school year before winter break as encouragement and to build community. I thought I would share with you, for this month’s blog, a poem I wrote for my school’s students and teachers. This is something I started doing back … Read More

An Opportunity for the Taking

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TL;DR: Rather than waiting for opportunity, look for ways to create it. Reflect on what you want to accomplish and where you want to take your career. If you’ve read anything that I’ve written in this series, you will know that I like the sea. Oceans are the lifeblood of the planet and there have been many people, Dr. Sylvia … Read More