The Answer to Everything

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TL;DR: It might be true that the answer to everything is 42.  The answer to a long and healthy career in teaching might come from gathering together with some colleagues, pouring a cup of coffee, and sharing ideas, experiences, and memories. Have you ever searched for the answer to everything? You should try it sometime because there is actually an … Read More

I’m a Teacher

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TL;DR: An ode to teaching and preparing for the upcoming school year. Inspiration to remind you of the lives you may touch. It was the last night of summer and all through my mindRan the thoughts of a teacher, the peculiar kind I picked out my clothes, I knew just what to wearI’d lay them out neat, even my new … Read More

Should Teachers Have a Side Hustle?

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TL;DR: This post evaluates and thoroughly examines the two sides of whether teachers should have a side hustle.  Two differing scenarios are mentioned, for and against having a side hustle. Five reasons why you should start a side hustle are shared.  This is an interesting thought to reflect on because there is no easy answer, nor is there one single … Read More

Reflecting on the Year That Was…

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TL;DR: Reflecting back and remembering this year allows these challenging times to empower us in the future. View this past year with a growth mindset. Take your new skills into the next school year. A few years back, our principal bought everyone on staff the book Mindset by Carol Dweck. This book is one that many will refer to as … Read More