Mastering Teaching Essentials for Sustainable Growth

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TL;DR: Addressing the challenges faced by educators in a complex landscape. Mastery learning essentials, including feedback proficiency, progress monitoring, and goal setting, support teacher efficiency and student success. Simple principles help teachers and students thrive, preventing teacher burnout. Let’s embark on a journey of empowerment, exploring essential mastery learning elements that not only bolster teacher efficiency but also foster student … Read More

How do I monitor student progress?

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TL;DR: When implementing a Grid, it is important to have a plan to monitor student progress. There are many ways to utilize your progress monitor, including creating small groups, planning intervention, identifying gaps or areas for growth, peer-to-peer tutoring, targeted questioning, or planning instruction. Prepare to monitor student progress by building the right culture and enhancing your progress monitor. “Knowing … Read More

Progress Monitoring for Mastery Learning

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Watch video: Progress monitoring for mastery learning.

 Video Highlights Chad Ostrowski (@chadostrowski) breaks down progress monitoring in a mastery learning classroom. Progress monitoring can be your greatest tool to help manage mastery learning, hold your students accountable, and know what they need and when they need it. There are several ways you can monitor progress in your classroom, including tech and non-tech options. Progress monitoring needs … Read More