Posting in a Pandemic

Bryan ZwemkeBlog, Connect Better, Lead Better

TL;DR: Positivity is important when communicating with families; however, in order to stay authentic, one should not be excessively positive. Tell the whole story, be honest and vulnerable, and prepare for a two-way dialogue when communicating with stakeholders. Posting in a Pandemic: Excessive Positivity Isn’t Always Authentic Leaders inspire vision and confidence in their organization, and schools are no different. … Read More

How can I implement the Grid virtually?

Meghan HoseyBlog, GRID FAQ, Lesson Plan Better, Manage Better, Mastery Done Better

TL;DR: Implement the Grid virtually by creating a daily routine, setting expectations, making the Grid easily accessible, keeping it simple, using videos, keeping yourself organized, assessing students in a variety of ways, and communicating with stakeholders often. Adjusting to a new learning structure can take time for you and your students. Give yourself grace as you and your students adapt … Read More

How do I introduce the Grid to my students & stakeholders?

Rae HughartBlog, GRID FAQ, Lesson Plan Better, Manage Better, Mastery Done Better

TL;DR: Introduce the Grid to your students by starting with an Intro Grid. When creating your Intro Grid, include procedures you want to establish with your students. Model your Intro Grid after future Grids that may be used. Communicate with stakeholders through videos and emails. Allow students and stakeholders to provide feedback to you often. Help! I just spent days, … Read More