Celebrating Language Growth

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TL;DR: As we look at students’ various data points, we can take a moment to acknowledge and celebrate language growth and also set goals for our instruction in the upcoming school year. Test scores are just a snapshot of a moment in time. Students can speak better on topics of interest. Children speak better with those whom they’re familiar. Reflect … Read More

Using Infographics with Multilingual Learners

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TL;DR: Infographics are a way to show information visually to support multilingual learners. WIDA updated its ELD Framework to include viewing and visually representing. This better describes how we consume and produce information today. Infographics increase accessibility for students. They can also help educators collaborate quickly and easily. Infographics Infographics are a great way to visually and/or graphically represent information. … Read More

Support for Educators with Phone Anxiety

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TL;DR: The families we serve all have their own communication preferences. As you communicate with stakeholders, utilize a variety of different methods. Tips to ease phone anxiety include practicing, using a script, scheduling the call in advance, beginning the call with celebrations, and getting support from others for difficult conversations. It’s important that we recognize that the families we serve … Read More

Recasting Language: I Was Brooming The Mess!

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TL;DR: Celebrate what students are doing in their language development. Recast their language by acknowledging the strengths they have while modeling correct usage. As educators, we are constantly checking in on our students and their progress. We are always looking at ways to support our students in their academic, linguistic, and social-emotional growth. Our brains are almost wired to pinpoint … Read More

Testing Season: Multilingual Learners

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TL;DR: October and February are months when staff morale tends to dip. February also often brings about the testing season. Multilingual students are often tested even more than the rest of the students. Try to make your class a creative, fun, and inspiring place to be during testing season. The Armpits of the School Year Every January, I tend to … Read More