How to Teach English Online

Kathy AlamedaBlog, Connect Better, Differentiate Better

TL;DR: Many people are teaching English online from their homes. Consider starting with an established company to learn the ropes before branching out on your own. Become an expert in a specific area. Get your teaching space ready. Learn from international students and truly connect. Tips for Teaching English Online Did you know there are plenty of people teaching English … Read More

Show 69: Empowering English Language Learners

Ken EhrmannpowerED Up Podcast

  Lee Perez is the 2022 Nebraska Teacher of the Year, and he is the first-ever ESL teacher to win the award in his state.  Lee provides unbelievable information on EL students and strategies all teachers can use to support their success. It takes seven to ten years for a person to learn a language to fluency. Can you imagine … Read More

Recasting Language: I Was Brooming The Mess!

Carly SpinaBlog, Engage Better, Lead Better

TL;DR: Celebrate what students are doing in their language development. Recast their language by acknowledging the strengths they have while modeling correct usage. As educators, we are constantly checking in on our students and their progress. We are always looking at ways to support our students in their academic, linguistic, and social-emotional growth. Our brains are almost wired to pinpoint … Read More

Why the Label LTEL Can Be Problematic

Carly SpinaBlog, Connect Better, Lead Better

TL;DR: Assigning labels (such as Long Term English Learner) to students can often stigmatize, otherize, or further marginalize them. We don’t need to fix or change our students. We need to change our systems and our mindsets.  There has been a phrase used in the multilingual education space called LTEL, or Long Term English Learner. It has come up more … Read More