When is the Right Time in Teaching to…?

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In This Post: Deciding when you should, and shouldn’t, discuss controversial topics with students. Is it ever the right time for test prep? Putting on your #GritBritches and sticking your neck out for awesomeness! When is the right time to…? Such an ever-present question, right? Have you ever found yourself wondering, “Is now a good time to discuss ____?” or … Read More

Are you just surviving Valentine’s Day?

Rae HughartBlog, Engagement, Innovation

Are you just surviving Valentine's Day?

It may be Valentine’s Day, but what does that actually mean for an educator? In This Post: Valentine’s Day, like any holiday, brings its own special set of challenges for teachers. You can choose to simply survive Valentine’s Day, or focus on still connecting your content and engaging your students. Providing opportunities to share happiness is one way of connecting … Read More

Motivating Students Through Increased Engagement

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Motivating Students Through Increased Engagement

Motivating Students Is Always A Challenge. Motivating students is one of the most elusive and commonly discussed topics during my work with teachers. Many times, the conversation starts with a statement like, “They just won’t do the work,”or, ”I can’t get them motivated.” I’ve said these things myself, and I’m sure you have, too. The common theme in both of … Read More