The Powerful Impact of Curriculum Gaps

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TL;DR: Traditional curriculum design involves a focus on key skills, conceptual understanding, and assessment strategies. Identifying curriculum gaps is crucial for student success and requires collaborative efforts. Strategies like SWOT analysis, evidence-based evaluations, and identifying common misunderstandings help bridge these gaps. Traditional curriculum design teams focus on key skills, conceptual understanding, essential questions, formative assessment, resources/materials, and instructional strategies.  Most … Read More

Fostering Collaboration and Boosting Morale with Allyson Apsey – School Administrator Mastermind

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Admin Mastermind Recap, Allyson Apsey, Joshua Stamper, School Culture, Boosting Moral, collaboration

Join us for the Admin Mastermind Recap with special guest Allyson Apsey! In this session, we explored strategies for fostering a culture of collaboration among staff members to enhance teamwork and collective problem-solving. Allyson shared valuable insights, including the importance of being fully present in the current year and reflecting on practices with core values activities. Additionally, we discussed the … Read More

The Power of a Collaborative Approach

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TL;DR: This blog post emphasizes the significance of collaboration in speech therapy success, highlighting the importance of teamwork among speech therapists, students, families, and other professionals. By integrating the unique skills and insights of each team member, a collaborative approach enhances the effectiveness of speech therapy. Families and caregivers play a crucial role in providing support beyond school hours. Involving … Read More

Episode 123: Discussing the Undiscussable with Darrin, Dominic, and Todd

Darrin PeppardLeaning Into Leadership

Episode 123 is a special mid-week collaboration with elementary principal Dominic Armano and high school principal Todd Bloomer. Continuing our special series, Dom, Todd, and I sit down and share our insights on the Super Bowl (complete with our picks) and answer a viewer/listener question about creating a culture where staff will discuss the undiscussable issues. MORE EPISODES

3 Reasons to Use Podcasting With Students

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TL;DR: Tai Poole hosts an acclaimed podcast exploring diverse topics with experts, inspiring students to start their own podcasts, requiring minimal equipment but vast creativity. Podcasting develops critical skills: problem-solving, tech proficiency, and the ability to articulate ideas, aligning with modern learning standards. Creating student podcasts empowers learners, fosters global connections, and instills digital citizenship by engaging in authentic, diverse, … Read More