The Helpful Guide to Teacher Retention: Featuring Martin Silverman

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In this week’s episode, Martin Silverman shares the importance, as a leader, on focusing on the teachers so they can focus on the students.  In this episode, we discuss: Improving Teacher Retention The Longevity of a Principal And his upcoming book.  About Martin Silverman: Martin Silverman is a father, grandfather, husband, and long-time educator in beautiful San Antonio, Texas.  He … Read More

Improving mental wellness in Schools: Featuring Maria Barrera

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In this week’s episode, Maria Barrera shares how she discovered a mental health crisis and was determined to help solve the issues that were affecting students, teachers, and the community.  In this episode, we discuss: Creating a business based on a community need Partnering with schools to assist in crisis Resources to battle mental health  About Maria Barrera: Maria is … Read More

The Benefits of Emotional Regulation and Mindfulness: Featuring Ipek Williamson

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In this week’s episode, Ipek Williamson shares the benefits and power of emotional regulation, mindfulness, and meditation, which creates peaceful and harmonious classrooms. In this episode, we discuss: Meditation’s support for mental health issues Cultivating awareness on the positive impact of meditation and mindfulness among educators Introducing new generations to the importance of knowing their values and implementing them into … Read More

Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome: Featuring Alfonso Mendoza

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In this week’s episode, Alfonso Mendoza shares his philosophies of improvising, adapting and overcoming obstacles in education. As a tech leader, Alfonso has seen a major shift the past few years and he continues to spread his message of “keeping it simple”.  In this episode, we discuss: Tech Implementation: Getting Clicky With It Immersive Technology of ARVR AI & Chat … Read More

Foundations of Instructional Coaching: Featuring Ashley Hubner

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Aspire to Lead, Ashley Hubner, Joshua Stamper

In this week’s episode, Ashley Hubner shares how she transitioned from teacher to coach, struggled to develop a Coaching Mindset and the impact of intentional curriculum design.  In this episode, we discuss: The difficulties of leaving the classroom Differentiating for adults and finding success as a coach And her new book, Foundations of Instructional Coaching! About Ashley Hubner: Ashley Hubner … Read More