The Art of Grateful Living: Featuring Lainie Rowell

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Aspire to Lead, Lainie Rowell, Joshua Stamper, Bold Gratitude

Welcome to this week’s enlightening episode of “Aspire to Lead” with Lainie Rowell. Join us as Lainie shares the transformative power of journaling and her motivation to create a useful journal for educators. In this captivating conversation, she delves into her personal journey of self-discovery and reveals how journaling can fuel personal and professional growth. Explore the profound insights and … Read More

Challenging the Status Quo: Featuring Dave Schmittou

Joshua StamperAspire Podcast

Aspire to Lead, Dave Schmittou, Joshua Stamper, Poking the Bear

In this week’s Aspire to lead episode, Dave Schmittou discusses ways to confront your own thinking and how to challenge the status quo. But the aim of our conversation is not to provide a step-by-step, one size fits all solution. Instead, the goal is to create a spark that inspires you to engage in difficult conversations. In this episode, we … Read More

The Intersection of Leadership and Special Education: Featuring Dr. Amy Mathews-Perez

Joshua StamperAspire Podcast

In this week’s episode, Dr. Amy Mathews-Perez shares how, as a Principal, she felt successful but unfulfilled. Join us as we talk about being authentic in our desires and mission, while not conforming to other people’s assumptions and expectations.   In this episode, we discuss: Supporting special education as a leader Teaching those we serve how to collaborate And her upcoming … Read More

Adventures of New Leadership: Featuring Joshua Buckley

Joshua StamperAspire Podcast

In this week’s episode, Joshua Buckley shares the surprises, misconceptions, and lessons learned as a new administrator of two elementary schools.  In this episode, we discuss: The differences of teaching vs administration How to create the “Scene” on your campus And his podcast, Punk Rock Classrooms.  About Joshua Buckley: Joshua Buckley is an Elementary Assistant Principal in Mesa, Arizona and … Read More