Spice It Up by Being an Advocate!

Nilmini Ratwatte-HenstridgeBlog, Connect Better

TL;DR: Racism leads to damaged relationships and broken communication. Be mindful of those around you. Advocate for others. Embrace the beauty of diversity! Spice it up! Advocate for others. “Equity and Inclusion Just Got Better” Blog Reflection Questions: What is something you’re passionate about? If something goes wrong, can you advocate? Now visualize and imagine the steps you would take … Read More

Kindness Doesn’t Equal Justice

Cait O'ConnorBlog, Engage Better, Reflect Better

TL;DR: Being kind is key to creating a better world, but it isn’t the same thing as justice. Kindness that is rooted in justice isn’t always comfortable, but it’s necessary to create change that matters and affects marginalized students and communities. Kindness is a human way that we connect to each other, in both words and actions. Being kind to … Read More