Treat Yourself

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TL;DR: Combat the post-January slump with a focus on well-being. Explore the concept of “healthy treats” from author Gretchen Rubin, promoting self-care without guilt. Recognize that stress is inevitable. Embrace the idea of “healthy treats” as a proactive and positive response. Create a personalized list of comforting activities that energize and bring contentment. Break the routine and enhance happiness by … Read More

Look What Popped Up!

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TL;DR: Use everyday photo memories to connect with loved ones. Share screengrabs with specific memories via text. Recall stories, strengthen ties, and create micro-moments of joy. When we reflect on the past holiday season, many of us may recall beautifully extraordinary gestures that showed others how much they mean to us. As we usher in this first week of a … Read More

Conflict Entrepreneurs

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In this episode, we learn about the qualities of a conflict entrepreneur and consider how we can protect ourselves from their negative influence. MORE EPISODES

Rush Hour Reactions

Suzanne DaileyTeach Happier Podcast

In this episode, we examine a study about the way decisions are made when we feel rushed and how we can slow down to focus on the important things when we are in that “high hurry” state.   MORE EPISODES