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Join Sarah with her first guest during Women's History Month, as she kicks off her series on Women's Voices. Dr. LaQuanta Nelson leaves you in awe as she details embracing her own voice to infuse light and love into the leaders and… Click To Tweet


Dr. LaQuanta M. Nelson has served in education as a teacher, assistant principal, principal, mentor, district level New Teacher Coordinator, motivational speaker, and consultant over the last 20 years.  She currently serves as the CEO of “The BOSS Educator” brand where she continues in empowering scholars and all educators on their journey to become Bold, Optimistic, Spontaneous, and Substantial.  Over the years, Dr. Nelson’s background and experience in leadership has yielded her to transform underperforming schools in her state, support culture transformations in schools across the United States, and help curate thriving cultures in organizations across multiple spectrums of business.

She has found a true passion in working to help transform cultures and climates through the application of POSITIVE LEADERSHIP! She believes that through positive social and emotional relationships, everyone has the capability of operating in their unique greatness and ultimate success. She focuses her work on strong teamwork amongst adults that will directly influence and reflect an increase in student achievement in schools and bottom lines in business. Dr. Nelson’s work is centered on equity and excellence for all, through inclusive cultures. As the product of a single mother living in poverty, Dr. Nelson completely understands the dire importance of the work that must be done in schools that directly support children from underserved backgrounds and that of black and brown students. She is now a highly sought-after speaker, coach, and trainer, spreading love and light across the world!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Dr. LaQuanta’s vision for what a BOSS leader embodies
  • Her journey into serving leaders and schools to empower them with a framework and infuse positivity into their worlds
  • And she shares wonderful insight into learning to embrace her own voice.
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