Episode #208: Tre Gammage

Dana GoodierOut of the Trenches Podcast

Tre Gammage is a Social-Emotional Learning is his passion, he helps educators build social-emotional competence through in-person, virtual, and self-paced professional development. Because to impact students, you have to support teachers. My greatest strength is helping make it easier for educators to do what they love. Educators who practice SEL report higher levels of well-being, less stress, and improved student … Read More

Episode 132: In AWE of Joy Kelly-Joy Series

Sarah JohnsonIn Awe Podcast

Joy Kelly has been an educator for more than 25 years. She has served as a high school teacher, 7-12 parochial school principal and a public high school associate principal, where she was named the Iowa 2016 Associate Principal of the Year. She served as principal in a large comprehensive public high school and has also served as Head of … Read More

Episode 51: Talking about different identity aspects with students W/ Angel Casarrubias

Alex Calderon1st Gen Teacher Lens Podcast

Hey, Y’all, we’re back with a brand new episode! In this episode, I talk with Angel, a first generation QPOC (Queer Person of Color) Salvadoran-American Pre-k teacher, about the importance of discussing different aspects of identity with students. Also, Angel and I talk about precisely how Latinx teachers’ cultural identities impact their students. I hope you enjoy the episode! MORE … Read More

Jolt 90: Awe-Inspiring Moments-Giving Thanks

Sarah JohnsonIn Awe Podcast

Sarah shares her giving thanks list as well as news about the show. Connect with Sarah Johnson: Sarah’s Website Sarah on Twitter Sarah on IG Sarah on LinkedIn Sarah on Facebook In AWE Podcast Subscribe to Sarah’s Podcast Need a high-energy, authentic presenter for your organization? Contact Sarah Johnson for presentations on Going Beyond Balance, Leadership Foundations, Affirming Purpose, and many … Read More

Episode 131: In AWE of Hedreich Nichols-EdTech Queens Series

Sarah JohnsonIn Awe Podcast

Hedreich Nichols is an award winning author, consultant, and EdTech nerd who helps districts and organizations transform culture, practices and outcomes through student led learning, design thinking and digital literacy. Her award-winning book, Finding Your Blind Spots (Solution Tree) helps educators, parents and students create inclusive learning communities. Her workshops and keynotes for MASCD, CUE, VASCD, etc., and districts throughout … Read More