Audience Awareness: Shaping Student Writing Beyond the Classroom

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TL;DR: Students primarily write for teachers in academic settings, but they also engage in real-world writing. Teaching audience awareness helps students understand their readers and write more effectively. Using a reader profile fosters a shift from self-centered writing to audience-oriented writing in various genres. Audience Awareness: Teaching your students to think about the reader behind their writing. When it comes … Read More

The Power of Home Visits

Suzanne RogersBlog, Connect Better, Lead Better

TL;DR: Home visits benefit students by improving behavior, academic performance, and test scores while fostering trust and respect. Parents benefit from home visits through reassurance, trust-building, and consistent communication about their child’s progress. Teachers experience positive changes in student attitudes, increased confidence, and personal fulfillment, leading to stronger relationships with both students and parents. At LISA Academy, we believe that … Read More

5 Classroom Strategies for Social Emotional Learning Support

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TL;DR: Social emotional learning is already integrated into everyday teaching, helping students develop essential life skills alongside academic knowledge. Teachers can enhance SEL by implementing intentional strategies, such as reflection for self-awareness, authentic assessments for social awareness, choice boards for responsible decision making, checklists for self-management, and promoting collaboration and cooperation for building relationship skills. These practices align with CASEL’s … Read More

Be Your Students’ Champion

Colissa JordanBlog, Connect Better, Lead Better, Lesson Plan Better

TL;DR: To empower students, teachers should be their champions, knowing them as individuals and fostering a positive classroom culture through positive reinforcement and tailored instruction. Autonomy, a growth mindset, and purposeful learning are key in motivating and inspiring students, with teachers playing a crucial role in believing in their students’ potential. Success in education relies on factors like teacher support, … Read More

The Power of Finding an Online Community of Teachers

Jeff GargasBlog, Connect Better, Lead Better

TL;DR: The internet has brought people worldwide together, enabling the creation of online communities based on shared interests, values, and experiences. Joining these digital communities can provide a sense of belonging, support during tough times, and opportunities for personal growth through shared knowledge and accountability. Online communities offer not only personal benefits but also opportunities for networking and professional development, … Read More