Reroute Your Life’s Run: Motivation

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  • Lack of motivation often gets in the way of doing what is best for your body and mind.
  • Listen to what your body is telling you it needs.
  • Focus on taking care of yourself and replenishing your body to sustain your physical and emotional health.



Jwogging (jog/walking).

Call it whatever you like, but think about how it makes you feel. It has the capability to fight off depression, improve your heart health, and stimulate endorphins.

There are times that I balk at the thought of physical exercise. I KNOW the benefits and advantages of cardiovascular activity. So why is there the dread of psyching myself mentally, lacing up the sneakers, and heading out the door to enjoy the fresh air?

After all of these years, I have come to the simple realization that it is NOT about the actual process of running. It is about my personal lack of motivation. Because sometimes life is, well, tiresome and exhausting. Family stress, work stress, leadership stress, and sleep stress can contribute to what I call “emotional constriction.” It’s that feeling of being squeezed ever-so-tightly to the point that you are unable to grant yourself joy.

Talk about a struggle.

It’s alright to wallow in self-pity for a little bit. Then, take a step back and accept where you are. Listen to your body as it speaks. Adapt as you find guidance.

Focusing on this self-awareness is HUGE. We should certainly not ignore how we acknowledge our mindfulness. Embrace it and concede to evolve with optimistic positivity. 

We have the choice to slow down, pause, and find stillness. A stillness that opens us up to patient perseverance. Click To Tweet

Here’s a thought. The last time I ran a 5K, I was keeping a pretty good pace. Not wanting to break stride, I passed by a strategically positioned water station that was set up along the race route. I distinctly remember that voice in my head telling me I should have stopped. I was so dry and thirsty yet I knew that very little water would actually make it into my body when running. Most of it spills out because I don’t want to slow down and lose precious time as I sprint for that medal and t-shirt towards the finish line.

Let’s drive this little message home.

Runners understand that hydration is a priority. Water is the catalyst that helps minimize injury and maximize performance. The result of not drinking enough along the way leaves you drained of energy and fatigued. The physical and emotional depletion is quite an unpleasant consequence.

This same principle could apply to life in general. It could parallel wisdom, patience, contentment, and joy. When we run out of those things, our vibrancy is sapped. If we continue to go without them, it’s possible we could end up weak and burned-out, making it difficult to find a new path to follow. Replenishment is vital to survival.

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Thankfully, life is not a 5K race where everyone gets a medal. We have the choice to slow down, pause, and find stillness. A stillness that opens us up to patient perseverance. We can resolve to refill and rehydrate with what gives us determination and strength. Maintaining motion is much easier once our body, mind, and soul are brimming with heartfelt goals. 

At the end of the day, reflect on how you kept moving, turned up the pace, and rerouted your consciousness. Award yourself with the honor of soul-quenching joy as you run the race of life.

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Jillian DuBois currently serves as an elementary school educator in Clearwater, FL. She has worked both in public and private educational settings for over 20 years. Her passion is to initiate, instill, and infuse joy to those in educational leadership through blogs and podcasts. Jillian uses her voice to help foster hope for student equity and empathy. Outside of school, you will find Jillian outdoors, soaking up the sun and surf, or finding new paths to hike with her husband and son. You can visit her website here!