Emotional Turbulence: Living Life on FAST FORWARD

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TL;DR: We are all still in recovery from the difficulties of the past couple of years. Even leaders make mistakes, have bad days, and need grace. Take time to reflect on your strengths and what you know works. Slow down and think about your impact on the individual student, classroom, school, and community. Emotional Turbulence: Living Life on FAST FORWARD … Read More

Motivation, Mindset, and Momentum

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TL;DR: It can be challenging to remain positive after such a difficult year. Even if you didn’t meet your goals, you still made an impact. Show gratitude and appreciation for others. Make sure you are checking your mindset. Find ways to bring your best self into the classroom. Keep going. There is no finish line. What can you do to … Read More

The Mindset Roller Coaster

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TL;DR: Education this year is like a roller coaster; keep your mindset grounded. Take charge of your mindset. Level your emotions. Change the narrative. At the end of each day, take time to write down three things that went well, two things that you want to improve on the next day, and one thing you will celebrate with students. The … Read More