Fired Up Teachership: Featuring Dr. Frank Rudnesky and Michelle Rispo Hill

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Education is a difficult field and many teachers don’t continue after three years in the classroom.  This week’s guest, Dr. Frank Rudnesky and Michelle Rispo Hill, share how to help new teachers, support veteran educators, and stay passionate in a long career. 

In this episode, we also discuss:

  • Creating a Positive School Culture
  • How to Help the Teacher Shortage
  • And Fired Up Teachership
Listen as Dr. Frank Rudnesky and Michelle Rispo Hill share how to help new teachers, support veteran educators, and stay passionate in a long career. Click To Tweet

About Michelle Rispo Hill:

Michele Rispo Hill is a passionate educator who has dedicated a lifetime to the education profession as a teacher, author, and presenter of professional development. During her tenure in the classroom, Michele was honored as the teacher of the Year in 2014. She served on numerous committees, mentored new staff and was an advisor for the classes of 2009 and 2018 and the Jostens Renaissance program.  Today, she serves as the Coordinator of Admissions and Strategic Marketing and  Equity Specialist for a career and technical school in New Jersey. Michele also serves on the advisory board for SchoolRubric.

Michele has developed and implemented professional development with a sharp focus on diversity, equity and inclusion, engaging students, and educational leadership. Michele has authored numerous articles published in the area of education, as well as co-authored 100 No-nonsense Things that Teachers All Teachers Should Stop Doing, and now is the co-author of Fired Up Teachership. Michele is a champion for students and staff; her enthusiasm and positive energy is contagious!

Michele completed her undergraduate studies at LaSalle University and then went on to acquire two master degrees, one from LaSalle in Bilingual Studies and the other from Wilmington University in School Leadership. She is the mother of four children: Zachary, Victoria, Julia and Jennifer — and the Nonni of 4 grandsons: Michael, Dean, Julian and Vincent. Michele resides on Long Beach Island, New Jersey with her husband of over 35 years, John.

Follow Michelle Rispo Hill:

  • Website: www.firedupteachership 
  • Twitter: @HillMrispo
  • Instagram: Mrispohill
  • Facebook: Michele Rispo 
  • Linkedin: Michele Rispo Hill
  • Email:

About Dr. Frank Rudnesky:

In addition to teaching at the high school and university levels, Dr. Frank Rudnesky was the principal of Belhaven Middle School in Linwood, New Jersey for a span of two decades.  During that time, the school was recognized with numerous local, state, and national awards for leadership, technology influence, excellence in performance, and a positive culture. The school was often used as a visitation site for other educators from as far away as Japan. 

Frank has developed, implemented, and studied leadership process to enhance organizational culture.  He has authored numerous books and articles published in the areas of leadership and technology influence. Dr. R. resides in the Jostens Renaissance Educator Hall of Fame and sits on several non-profit boards including the New Jersey Schools to Watch core team.

Dr. Frank Rudnesky draws on his experience as an accomplished teacher, award-winning middle school principal, and transformational leader to deliver his captivating keynotes and presentations to hundreds of audiences. As you listen to Dr. R.’s style of storytelling and his unconventional journey in life, it will get you “Fired Up” to pursue your passion and empower others to find their passion. His engagement, enthusiasm, and positive energy are contagious.Frank’s education includes a BS from the University of San Francisco, MBA from Rowan University, and a Doctorate from Widener University. He resides in Southern New Jersey with his wife, Dr. Kimberly, two daughters, Franki Maria, Danica Lyn, and their dogs, Maggie and Winnie.

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