Interviewing Ken Wallace (@KenWallace207) | Wisdom & Productivity | #TeachBetter #TBPodcaster

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Interviewing Ken Wallace (@KenWallace207) | Wisdom & Productivity | #TeachBetter #TBPodcaster | Full episode:

Ken Wallace is the superintendent at Maine Township High School District 207

*W&P: Notes

Ken Wallace is 61 years old; grandfather was in WWII; high school coach was influential in how to create #learning; how to create situations where human get to be better. // collective efficacy // was an English teacher in search of how to support others be their very best// we tend to focus on students learning but often neglect adult learning (pathway to grow adults)

Teacher as a coach
Teacher as a coach; get kids addicted to learning // what inhibits learning is usually punishment for being wrong; students are to know that failure is useful// every teacher has a coach in Maine Township for their entire career // coaching for adults has been transformational // in search of finding the best of themselves // not leaving anyone behind

Superintendent advice on coaching
The purest form of evaluation should not be evaluative; apply the science of learning// cooperative learning; scientific
Aspect// apply multiple strategies // partnerships with Northwestern and NLU // design principles: teacher-learners // practice at the metacognitive level

Professional Trajectory
Farmer, construction experience, HS English teacher, Wrestling Coach, AP, Principal, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction // in 2009 hired by Maine Township (longest tenure) // importance of growing other people; one as a gardener // distribute ownership; grow your own// how to you arm yourself to meet the needs of thins world // take your ego out // about charismatic leaders // you are never done

What Principals Don’t Know Yet?
Politics / involvement // try to look at the work as a coach // make people be their best // reporting to 7 board members // 24/7 job // you are the subject matter expert and you also need to educate board members

Like in Back to the Future, what would you tell the Ken Wallace of the Past?
Be patient


2 teachers // more about the question than the answer

Impostor Syndrome
Be about the work, not about your brand // have a foundation

Mountain bike; be healthy, take care of yourself // organizations are seen from above and at the granular level // science of exercise


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